Frequently Asked Questions


 Is this a group just for Christians?

No.  We are a community of Christ-followers, but we invite everyone to come be a part of our community and a part of the ongoing spiritual conversation.


What church or organization is NCM a part of?

NCM is a partner of the Northwest Baptist Convention and was at one time called Baptist Student Union.  NCM/BSU has been at the U of O for over 30 years and is a nationwide college ministry (called Christian Challenge or Baptist Collegiate Ministries in some places.)  We have also recently partnered with The Beautiful Mess – a faith community that is currently meeting as a house church.


Do you need to be Baptist to go?

No. NCM is not just for Baptists, but for all active college students. Many students who are active in the NCM belong to different churches and/or denominations.a


How to get involved?

Just start coming! Come to anything and everything you can! Any college student can be involved in the BSM. We have undergraduate, graduate, transfers and internationals involved in our ministry.


What kinds of things do you do?

We focus on missions, discipleship, and evangelism.  We have something going several days of the week including, large groups, small groups, discipleship, and leadership development.